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50 Years


Eileen Parrish

Death Notice

Margaret Eileen Parrish passed in peace Saturday November 20, 2010 at University Hospital, London, with family by her side. From her birth in Chatham, Ontario, June 14, 1920, Eileen lived a life of endless inspiration to generations of students, friends and family, embodying a love of life boundless in its scope. For Eileen, and thus for those blessed to know her, horizons were infinite, rules were sometimes overrated, and passions swept from the Olympian heights of ancient Greece, to the banks of the River Thames, and myriad worlds and lives between. "Miss Parrish", to her students at Aberdeen and Bishop Townsend schools, enriched the lives and minds of countless classrooms, proving through the years her belief that education was not a matter of forcing lessons onto youth, but rather one of drawing forth from youthful minds the wonders held within. Eileen reminded us to her final days that "education" had its root in the Latin "educo" - "to draw forth", and that Latin was by no stretch of the imagination to be considered a dead language. Eileen drew forth the best from all who knew her, family, friends, and students alike. "Auntie Eileen" influenced and inspired the lives and spirits of sixteen adoring nieces and nephews, who now form an enrichment class all their own, and who were made to feel, each of them, that they were the favourite. Born into a home full of music, learning and the limitless work ethic of her parents Margaret and Merle Parrish, Eileen was a source of strength and support to brothers Don, Ken, Ralph, Mack and Bob. Since her earliest days in Chatham, Eileen lived the creed Mrs. Leckie lovingly inscribed in the Chalmers Church of her youth: "Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly". Eileen and her brothers lived by these words all their days, as had Margaret and Merle before them. Eileen, "Auntie Eileen", "Miss Parrish", Friend, Family Member, Teacher, brought an enthusiasm and humour to her world operatic in its range. Her delight in music, art, and language filled her days, from rural roads in Chatham, to London, and to Kent, from Western U. to Salzburg, in summers heaven sent. With Homer's verse near at hand in moonlit Grecian nights, she thrilled to ancient wonders, wine dark seas and temple heights. Eileen held in high regard the wisdom of the ancients, and the myths of Rome and Greece, but she was not so bound by academe as to feel restricted in belief. As though to prove to the end that Latin was indeed alive - a lexicon malleable and subject to her whims in modern times, she offered her preferred rendering of the dictum "Carpe Diem" not as "Seize The Day" , though that may have been implied, but rather as "By God - A Fish!", a precious sparkle in her eye. James Harris Funeral Home provides an opportunity to share thoughts, memories, and alternative translations at www.harrisfuneralhome.ca. Flowers are lovely, but Auntie Eileen doesn't need any. If you're of a charitable mind, donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation are welcomed. If you simply love and miss Eileen ... "Carpe Diem".